“Excellence of the Year – Industrial Assemblies”

We are very pleased to receive this renewed international recognition for our success as “Europe’s largest provider of used industrial robots, for our attractive prices, high quality, reliable workmanship, and attention to detail in everything we do.”

We were informed back in March 2021 that a survey in WORLD EXCELLENCE INTERNATIONAL magazine had revealed that our company was nominated as a finalist for the 11th annual edition of the LE FONTI TV AWARDS.

Considering the past years’ winners and participants such as Philips, BMW Group, Versace, Metro, Panasonic, Swarovski, Deutsche Bank, Philip Morris, and others, we felt greatly honored and awaited the outcome of the awards ceremony with anticipation.

On June 21, 2021, we indeed received the LE FONTI AWARD for “Excellence of the Year – Industrial Assemblies.”

We would like to sincerely thank everyone who has supported us on our journey and contributed to this success! We thank our employees, families, business partners, and all friends of the HERRLES company!

Here is an excerpt from the awards ceremony and a few words from owner Ralf Herrles and our operations manager Kai Klenk.


The Le Fonti Global Award ceremony took place on June 21, 2021, at the Le Fonti television studios in the heart of Milan.

Companies were honored for their exceptional qualities such as quality, growth, innovation, and attention to detail.


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Ralf Herrles
Managing Director
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mail: info@herrles.de

Kai Klenk
Sales Director
phone +49 172 4 26 28 26
mail: vertrieb@herrles.de


As authorized representative for EUROBOTS in Germany and Austria, we specialize in the preparation of industrial robots and offer the point of contact for the purchase of robots, components and industrial control technology.

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